Paper Planes, Inc.®

Paper Planes, Inc.® is a realistic business scenario in a plane manufacturing company. The simulation quickly reveals barriers to organizational success caused by compartmentalized work processes, while providing insights into creative solutions and teamwork. Paper Planes, Inc. involves tight deadlines, specific quality requirements, assigned job roles and demanding customers, which compel participants to look for better ways of doing things. With several production runs followed by debrief and redesign opportunities, participants experience the powerful effects of system reengineering and process improvement by recognizing barriers to change and developing new paths to continuous improvement.


PressTime®, an in-depth business problem in the form of a behavioral simulation. This software-driven simulation is run in groups of 6-8 participants tasked to bring a new product to market while dealing with competitors, financial decisions and personnel issues. PressTime® highlights many important leadership competencies, team-building processes, strategic planning, problem solving and project management skills. A very thorough debrief and feedback session provides insight on the value of cross-functional teams and individual strengths and developmental needs as a team member.