Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is critical for improving performance, supporting individual development and enhancing leadership effectiveness for mid to senior level executives. It provides an objective, challenging perspective for behavioral change, and a formal methodology to target development areas and leverage a leader’s strengths.

Gunther Leadership offers an Executive Coaching
 solution that will be:

Customized & Individualized – Because each client’s needs and outcomes are different, the coaching solution is uniquely tailored to the client organization and executive. The coach and client work together in a collaborative process to design an individualized coaching solution that will create the desired outcomes. Although a 6-8 week custom coaching solution can result in improved performance, a 6 month process (see below) is recommended for realizing significant behavioral change and maximum leadership effectiveness.

Insightful and Applicable – The coaching process will enable the executive to gain a greater insight into their personal leadership development needs. Awareness of behavioral traits and habits are the key to setting goals and defining strategies that will improve.

Our Executive Coaching Process

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