Implementation and Support:

The Executive Coach provides the necessary support by conducting coaching sessions as well as challenging the Client to achieve stated goals. A key activity during this phase is to continually re-evaluate the goals for refinement, modification or elimination. The Client will commit time to the agreed-upon assignment and action items so the desired results will be achieved. As appropriate, the Client will involve their manager and/or key stakeholder, and communicate the necessary progress.

Alignment and Review:

During a typical 6-month Coaching Phase, the Executive Coach, Client and Client’s Manager or Human Resources exec will participate in a three-way conversation (approximately 1 hour), to ensure that the coaching and Client are moving in the appropriate direction based on the organization’s strategic goals.

At the end of the coaching engagement, a review of the coaching process takes place. Feedback is collected on what has worked well, the progress made and areas still needing improvement. This gathering of information can occur from discussions with the Client, manager,  Human Resources and/or other stakeholders.